First Official Post

Atlantic Caregiving is an in-home care company with a mission to provide safe, skilled, compassionate, and personalised care at home and when transitioning from facility care to home. We want to help families keep clients at home, engaged with family and in their familiar surroundings; to support families and clients through the process of aging; and to make the transition from hospital to home smooth with professional care and knowledge.

We feel that one of the next natural steps in assisting our community with caregiving is starting a Blog. Our Blog will have regular posts as a part of the resources we offer to help support families and clients with caregiving needs. We hope the information we provide will promote healthy aging, independence, and a like-minded support system. We want to encourage our community to join in these blog posts with their own experiences and uplifting conversation. Thanks so much for being a part of this community, and working to increase our knowledge of the aging process and everything that goes along with it.