Companion Care

At Atlantic Caregiving, we recognise the profound value of companionship and a sense of community, particularly as we age. We understand that maintaining friendships and staying engaged stimulates a healthy mind.

Our caregivers are dedicated to offering support, encouragement, and friendship in the daily lives of our clients, enabling them to savour life independently, confidently, and securely.

"We provide safe, warm, personalised care for your family, in your home."

Companion Care

What Does Companion Care Include?

Brain-Stimulating Activities

As we age, it’s essential to keep our minds active. Our caregivers provide stimulating activities such as brain games, puzzles, and picture recognition to ensure our clients receive the mental exercise they need.

Running Errands

Our energetic caregivers can assist with daily tasks like grocery shopping, dry cleaning, post office visits, and appointments, ensuring that our clients’ needs are met efficiently.

Meal Preparation

Our caregivers are skilled in preparing healthy and well-rounded meals for our clients. This also serves as a time for connection and cultural exchange through cooking together or for our clients.

Medication Reminders

Our caregivers ensure that our clients take their medication as prescribed, reading bottle labels, opening containers, and offering timely reminders.

Physical Activity

Staying active is crucial for overall well-being. Our caregivers encourage clients to take walks, allowing them to enjoy fresh air and sunshine, which can play a significant role in boosting mood and energy. We also encourage engaging in light exercises to keep both the mind and body as healthy and mobile as possible.

Laundry Services

Our skilled caregivers take care of all your laundry needs, providing comprehensive support from start to finish. This includes gathering, washing, drying, folding, and organising household items. We understand the importance of fresh and clean linens and clothing, and our team ensures that your laundry is handled with care and precision.

Bathing and Toileting Assistance

Our caregivers respect our clients’ independence while providing standby assistance for bathing and toileting, offering reassurance and stability during these personal care moments.

Transport Services

Our caregivers can assist with transportation to and from activities or appointments.

Connection and Communication

Stimulating conversation and maintaining connections with family and friends are vital. We assist our clients in staying connected with their loved ones, even in this age of video chats and digital communication.

Light Housekeeping and Organisation

We recognise that as mobility and speed may slow with age, performing daily chores can become a challenge. That’s why our services extend to light housekeeping and organisation. Our skilled caregivers help you maintain a clean and well-organised living space, making daily life more manageable and enjoyable. From tidying up your kitchen to keeping your bathroom and bedroom in order, we are here to ensure your comfort and convenience in every aspect of your home.

Hygiene Reminders

We understand that as we age, we may forget simple tasks like brushing our teeth or combing our hair. Our caregivers are there to provide gentle reminders about the importance of hygiene and guide our clients to maintain healthy routines.

Grooming Assistance

For those with mobility restrictions, tasks like shaving, hair and nail care, and teeth brushing can become challenging. Our caregivers provide a caring hand in grooming, helping with shaving, makeup application, teeth cleaning, denture care, hair styling, and dressing. Looking and feeling good is essential for confidence.

Companion Care

At Atlantic Caregiving, our Companion Care services are designed to enhance the overall quality of life for our clients by fostering a sense of connection, engagement, and well-being. We’re here to provide not only practical assistance but also the companionship and support that promote a fulfilling and vibrant life.