Registered Nurse / Specialty Care


t Atlantic Caregiving, we have skilled and experienced registered nurses ready to assist you when needed. Our nurses are well-versed in a wide range of specialties, providing comprehensive care for various health needs. We offer services such as wound care, peritoneal dialysis, ostomy care, foley catheters, post-surgery care, diabetes management, medication management, post-stroke care, IV therapy, PT/INR and lab draws, home safety assessment and education, nutritional education, NG-tube and Peg-tube feeding, infection and disease control, and nurse sitter services for transitional patients.

With Atlantic Caregiving, you can expect regular Nurse Assessments, where we’ll take vitals and discuss what’s important for you. We’ll work together to optimise your health and well-being.

Whether you’re seeking child care or specialised nursing care, Atlantic Caregiving is here to provide the high-quality services you need. Your well-being and peace of mind are our top priorities.


Atlantic Caregiving provides Certified Nurse Assistants (CNAs) and Registered Nurses (RNs) for commercial facilities. If you’re interested in learning more about our services and how we can support your commercial facility, please don’t hesitate to give us a call. Your care needs are our top priority.

Registered Nurse / Specialty Care

What We Offer:

Peritoneal Dialysis

At home, registered nurses perform peritoneal dialysis exchanges multiple times throughout the day, typically following a prescribed schedule. Each exchange involves draining used dialysate from the abdomen and replacing it with fresh solution, which remains in the abdomen for a specified dwell time to facilitate the removal of waste and toxins.
Home-based peritoneal dialysis requires proper training and education to ensure patients understand the procedure, maintain sterility, and monitor for complications such as infection or fluid imbalances. Our nurses will regularly follow-up with the patients’ healthcare provider to assess the dialysis treatment, and if needed adjust treatment parameters.
Overall, in-home peritoneal dialysis offers patients the convenience of performing dialysis on their own schedule, without the need for frequent visits to a dialysis center, thereby improving their quality of life and treatment adherence.

Medical Preparation

Medication preparation by a registered nurse involves careful review of prescriptions, dosages, and patient allergies. The nurse gathers necessary medications, verifies expiration dates, and prepares them according to protocol. This may include measuring liquid medications, counting pills, or preparing injections. Additionally, the nurse labels medications accurately and documents the preparation process thoroughly in the patient’s medical records. Overall, medication preparation by a registered nurse is a critical step in delivering safe and effective care to patients

Wound Care

At home, registered nurses perform wound care after your needs and up to multiple times throughout the day, typically following a prescribed schedule.
Home-based wound care requires proper training and education to ensure patient safety. Our nurses are trained and educated in wound care and have several years of experience of skilled nursing. Our nurses will regularly follow-up with the patient’s healthcare provider to assess the wound care treatment.

Medical Companion for Doctor Visits

For doctor visits in Bermuda, our team of skilled nurse assistants and registered nurses can accompany you. We provide transportation, take notes during the appointment, and update your care plan. Your health and well-being are our priority, and we’re here to make your medical appointments stress-free.

Diabetic Care

Homecare diabetes care offers numerous benefits for individuals managing diabetes. It allows for personalized care tailored to the individual’s needs and preferences within the comfort of their home. Patients receive support with medication management, blood glucose monitoring, and lifestyle modifications, promoting better adherence to treatment plans. Homecare also enables early detection and management of complications, reducing the risk of hospitalization and improving overall health outcomes. Additionally, patients benefit from increased convenience, reduced travel time, and greater involvement in their care, leading to enhanced quality of life and greater independence in managing their condition.